CanLit Knit: This Weekend!

As you may have seen on Angela Hickman’s lovely blog, we are having ourselves a little get together! Angela and I realized that we both love Canadian Literature, and then when I investigated further, I saw that she had two blogs, the other being a knitting blog. While Angela’s a way more advanced knitter than I am, I also love to knit and crochet, so we got to talking. How nice would it be to chat about the books we love while kitting? Hint: it would be pretty nice.

Angela mentioned that short stories might be a good idea as we can talk about them a bit more easily, and if people can’t read the whole book then they can at least be part of the conversation. We settled on Better Living Through Plastic Explosives by Zsuzsi Gartner. Personally, I’ve always had a tough time connecting with short stories, as I feel that just when I get to know the characters, they’re gone. I want to get over this feeling I have toward short stories, so I’m really looking forward to discussing these stories with a group of intelligent, well-read twitter friends!

Here are the details:Where: The Pilot Tavern, Rooftop
When: Sunday, July 22nd, 2pm
Bring: A knitting or crochet project!


Q: …I don’t knit. Can I still come?

A: Absolutely! If you want to learn, bring some stuff with you. If you would rather just chat over beer, snacks and food then just show up!

Q: Will it be okay for us to knit at this bar?

A: But of course. My brother has worked there for 3 years and he’s assured me that since the bar is always slow on Sundays, we would be more than welcome.

Q: Do I need to RSVP?

A: You don’t need to, but it would be easier for numbers of our reservation if you do!

So keep in touch and follow #canlitknit.


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