An average week: Friday

Finally, Friday! Felt much better, but still not 100%. With the art launch that evening, I soldiered on.

6:15am – 7:15am Wake up, shower, get ready, all the usual things.
7:45am – 8:00am Stopped for a coffee at Tim Hortons. Large, too, which I usually find too much, but this morning was totally necessary.
8:00am – 1:15pm Work. Had to walk over to the annex to pick up more paintings for the evening’s festivities. Nice, snowy walk. Loaded up a van cab and headed back.
1:30pm – 2:00pm Managed to squeeze in a quick visit to Sushi Inn in Yorkville which has phenomenal sushi at a really reasonable price. It’s also one of those really busy places that is constantly packed so you know the food is always hot and fresh.
2:00pm – 2:30pm Grabbed some food for the launch and headed back to work! I love putting together a good art-show-cheese-plate.
2:30pm – 5:00pm Answer some emails here and there, then head down to the performance space and help set up for the launch.

5:00pm – 8:00pm The launch was quite well attended and the artwork looked fabulous in the space. At about 6:00pm, we all sat down to watch the artists’ 102 paintings(!) set with music from the album as we sipped a glass of wine. Then she performed two pieces live. Really lovely in such an intimate space and so different from the launch earlier in the week at The Glenn Gould Studio!
8:30pm – 9:45pm Made and ate a late dinner for the boyfriend and the visiting musical theatre talent. Pork tenderloin in a dijon glaze with a winter slaw and quinoa. Light and delicious.
10:00pm – 1:30am After dinner and dishes, we decided to play Monopoly. Been a long time! Once we’d ironed out the house rules, we got to playing. Would you believe that by the time all the properties were purchased I only had FOUR. Sigh. Surprisingly, I stayed in the game for quite a while. It was tense for Jeremy for a time:

But then the tables turned. Free parking after about an hour of no one winning it:

The night ended as the boyfriend had figured out so many deals that we got to a point where a) it was 1am, and b) he wasn’t paying anyone rent. Jeremy and I both grudgingly declared him the winner.

1:30am – 1:36am I got ready for bed and then fell asleep in, I swear, like six minutes. I shouldn’t have stayed up as late as I did after being sick, but I couldn’t help it. Drove Jeremy back to Niagara on the Lake the next morning as he started at Shaw today so it was nice to be able to spend a night with him and have some fun!


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