The Miracle of a Not-So-Ordinary Woman

Bill Gaston describes Amanda Leduc’s THE MIRACLES OF ORDINARY MEN as “A novel with infinite heart.” The title of the novel is full of beauty and depth, and so is the novel itself. But first, let me tell you about Amanda.

This, is Amanda Leduc. You may know her from that photo where we were both kind of naked, or maybe from twitter, where she tweets about #CanLit and has a quietly eager, dry wit that cracks me up throughout the day. She’s a freelance writer, working days (sometimes very early mornings or very late nights) at a hospital, and now, she’s a published novelist.

One of my favourite quotes from Amanda’s bio that exemplifies her slightly self-deprecating yet comedic tone is:

“Amanda holds a BFA in Writing and Philosophy from the University of Victoria, and a Masters degree in Creative Writing from the University of St. Andrews. This makes her pretty much unemployable, but in her working life thus far she has held down jobs as an admin assistant, bookseller, support worker, strawberry picker, waitress, fundraiser, hospital admissions clerk and — perhaps most exotically — a dogwalker along a misty Edinburgh beach.”

Amanda is also my other half when it comes to all things Bare It For Books. She has been absolutely fabulous to work with. Amanda is persistent, creative, dedicated and very hardworking. We’ve had a blast working on this project together, and the fact that she has her first published book coming out in the same year we’re attempting to raise $20,000 and get 12 Canadian authors naked is, well, crazy. Crazy and admirable.

Amanda recently wrote a post about receiving the final copy of her book in the mail. I suggest you read the post – it’s a quick, charming read on the monumental moment of holding your own published work in your hands for the first time. I’ve seen the book. It is truly gorgeous. The cover is, as Amanda describes it, silky to the touch, and so representative of the dark, magical story that awaits the reader. The rear of the book provides haunting, mysterious review quotes from well-known Canadian writers:

“The Miracles of Ordinary Men is fantastic realism…like a waking dream it has the capacity to seduce and surprise.” – Andrew Pyper

“Amanda Leduc’s writing is both divine and earthy. Humour and grace illuminate this smart novel about the complexities of human and not-so-human nature. It shines.” – Emily Schultz

“Amanda Leduc has written a dark and ambitious novel, a story of tortured magic and transformation.” – Deborah Willis

“Amanda Leduc’s daring debut tackles big questions about family, God, and the intersection between suffering and spirituality. In her search for answers, she looks unflinchingly toward the darkness as well as the light.”
– Trevor Cole

“Amanda Leduc possesses a confident and mature voice, her sentences sparkling with intellect and wisdom. This is a brave book.” – Angie Abdou

How could you not want to read this book? Read more about the book on the ECW site AND pre-order it by clicking here. Better yet, buy yourself a copy at the launch in Toronto at Ben McNally Books and get Amanda to sign it herself!

Where: Ben McNally Books, 366 Bay Street
When: May 8th, 2013, 6:00pm
For more information: Contact Jenna Illies
While you’re waiting for the official launch, you can add MIRACLES to your TBR list on Goodreads by clicking here. Looking forward to seeing you on May 8th!


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  1. James himself says:

    One thing that never surprises me about writers is their willingness (or is it desperation?) to seek gainful employment in so many different ways. I’ve come to expect it, almost.
    To an observer, even walking a dog along a misty Edinburgh beach seems to be somewhat prosaic. But I’m sure that the writer that does such work finds something poetic in anything they do. It might not be first on my inspirational list, but it could be the Forth.

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