My thoughts on this year’s Canada Reads

I voted for: BC & Yukon: The Canterbury Trail by Angie Abdou Prairies & North: Late Nights on Air by Elizabeth Hay Ontario: Clara Callan by Richard B. Wright Quebec: Ru by Kim Thuy Atlantic: (THIS WAS TOO HARD.) February by Lisa Moore It was a toss up between “Come, Thou Tortoise” by Jessica Grant, “February” by Lisa Moore, and “Galore” by Michael Crummey. I think that “Come, Thou Tortoise” is a bizarrely wonderful, sweet novel that’s so funny and creative that it actually took my a while to get into. Once I was firmly in Audrey’s head, though, I was hooked. I do think, unfortunately, that it wouldn’t stand up as strongly as some of the others in the debate. I think “Galore” would do really well in the debates. Though I love the book, there were times that I became frustrated with some of the characters. It was only when I realized that Newfoundland itself was the main character that I liked it more. For this reason, I think some Canadians might have some trouble getting into it. So, in the end, my vote is for “February” because Moore takes the unimportant, mundane moments of everyday life and makes them special, relate-able; her writing is so haunting and heat-breakingly beautiful. She’s the best writer who’s work I’ve ever read while at the same time being completely accessible to many different audiences.


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