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Ever since I went to see a nutritionist last October (post on that coming soon), I’ve been loving starting my day with a browse through some fabulous food blogs. From overly indulgent dessert blogs to raw, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free blogs, it’s been fun seeing new recipes every day and getting a chance to have a peek at how others interact with food on a daily basis.

When I first went online for food blogs, my nutritionist suggested that I check out blogs from other nutritionists and/or registered dieticians. Most of these blogs would have nutritional information for the recipes, she said, and would be a great balance of fruit/veggies, protein, carbs and healthy fats.

While browsing recently, I saw a post from Kath Eats Real Food that I had to share with you. Kath’s blog isn’t for everyone. Some of the things I love about it are the things that other people dislike. For example, once a week she posts a photo of almost every meal she ate in the previous week. “Why do I care?” Yeah, I get it. But one of the things I’ve always been curious about is how a nutritionist/registered dietician actually eats themselves from day to day. What about when there are family parties? What if you’re too busy to make something at home? Etc. Kath also has an adorable 1-year old son, Mazen, who she frequently posts about. I, like babies. Some people, do not want to read about them on a food blog. To each their own.

So, this post of Kath’s was part of a series she’s calling How do you eat real food? The first two posts were good, but this one really clearly made the point that we should be more aware of what we’re eating. She lists the ingredients list in two different types of cereal that are actually from the same brand, Kashi. One has names I can’t pronounce, while the other has a simple list of 4 ingredients, all of which are organic. When given the choice, why even bother buying the other one?

A few months ago, I was chatting with some people on twitter about how we so rarely understand how our food gets to our table. One personn showed me this picture and asked if I knew what it was:


Brussels Sprouts! Growing! What the heck, am I right? But it was a good example of how little we know of even whole, real food, let alone ingredients we can’t pronounce on the sides of our cereal boxes.

Now don’t get me wrong, there’s no way I stick to eating real food all the time. At all. It’s just a good thing to keep in mind when making decisions at the grocery store. If you can buy something with fewer ingredients (that you can pronounce) then why not?

So, here is a list of my favourite food blogs. Most of which, I should mention, tempt me with things like bourbon pumpkin spice milkshakes. But that’s besides the point.


Joy the Baker A recent find of mine, this is a very popular blog with gorgeous photography. Simple recipes that usually come with a twist.  (Check out her peanut butter and pickle sandwich!)


How sweet it is Now this blog is just plain dangerous. The milkshakes I mentioned? Yeah, those are Jessica’s. What I love this blog for is it’s creativity, frequency of posts (at least once a day) and ability to wow guests. These are the kinds of recipes that you pull out when guests come over and you don’t mind indulging a little bit. Or if you want to be adventurous. Like her recent recipe for Whole Wheat Chocolate Fudge Zucchini Snack Cake with Candied Pistachios (see what I mean?).

prevPrevention RD Nicole is a registered dietician and she consistently posts simple, delicious recipes that aren’t too challenging for someone who might not be too comfortable in the kitchen. She lists nutritional information for her recipes, which I love, and she’s currently writing a cookbook (her second, I think). She’s the one who inspired me to buy a donut pan so I could bake my own donuts. Genius.


Ambitious Kitchen  A blog I came across recently that I can’t get enough of. Monique is stylish, funny, and above all her recipes are healthy, creative and filled with real food. She also has many recipes that are vegan and/or gluten-free. If that’s your jam. I recently made her flourless chocolate chip zucchini oat brownies for a bridal shower and they were a huge hit.

5 seconds
5 second rule Cheryl Sternman Rule isn’t your average food blogger. Instead of reading like a journal entry, her posts are less frequent, but beautifully written essays about food, life and family. I really love her blog. Particularly this post about why you need to stop calling everything “hummus.” White bean hummus? Not hummus! That’s just pureed white beans! Hilarious.

new rootsMy New Roots This blog is a beautiful challenge. Sarah eats vegan and if the option is available, raw. Her recipes challenge you to step outside of your comfort zone and try new ways of food preparation (and most definitely send you to new grocery stores that have things like  Psyllium seed husks). Her most popular post that actually brought me to her site for the first time is the life changing loaf of bread. I’ve made it and it’s delicious, but do yourself a favour and don’t make it unless you have a loaf pan. Otherwise it will just seem like seed bars. True story.



Shutterbean Another blog with stunning design, Shutterbean is a collection of a variety of fun recipes that are unique twists on everyday meals. I can’t wait to make Tracey’s take on a popular raisin focaccia that she made because it was too difficult to get them at a popular San Francisco bakery. She also has a great feature of posting neat links from around the web on Fridays called I love lists Friday.

top with

Top With Cinnamon This girl, Izzy, is 17. 17! Who has a food blog at 17 that’s this popular? Impressive. She’s got a hilarious, personal writing style and she’s from the UK which of course makes her cooler, am I right? Her photography is among the best that’s out there, in my opinion, and her recipes are all uber-unhealthy and indulgent. Like her spiced, brown butter pumpkin pretzels with coffee cream cheese icing. Like, what even is that? Is it even good? I don’t care. I would eat one.

What are your favourite food blogs? Do you prefer to ogle pinterest? Luckily, all of these lovely bloggers have pinterest, twitter, etc. so follow away! I also highly recommend following them all on instagram. But be warned; it’s unpleasant sometimes to be looking at delicious treats while you’re on a packed TTC car at 7:30am.


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