Trent McClellan, a man’s man, reads books by women

As most of you know, February was crowned this year’s winner of Canada Reads: Turf Wars. As championed brilliantly by Trent McClellan, February was chosen as the book that all Canadians should read in 2013, and that made me pretty darn happy. I simply adored the book. I found Moore’s writing haunting, simple, and so real, at some moments I felt like I was standing beside her in her kitchen.

In light of David Gilmour’s recent comments, I came across this quote and wanted to re-share it. This was Trent’s last pitch to the other panelists before they voted for the winner of Canada Reads:

“If Canada Reads is about promoting Canadian authors to Canadian readers, February deserves the crown. We need to give readers books that they can relate to. We need to give them people not perspective. We need to give them books that provide insight into intuition, not institution. We need to have characters with their hearts exposed and ripped out. Canadians don’t want required reading, they want inspired reading, and that’s February.”

So this is the moment that Trent McClellan becomes the spokesperson for Canadian women writers, right? I would love for Trent, a real man, to say these words to Gilmour. Also, for Yann Martel to start sending him books. To whoever said that on twitter yesterday: you are hilarious.


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