Crocheted cowls for the holiday season

So what do you think? ImageThis is my second cowl I’ve made using the Purl Soho’s Two-colour cowl pattern. When I first saw the pattern I think I was grabbed by the amazing colours. Fluorescent pink and grey! Who knew? When I originally went in to buy my colours, I saw that exact same combination but I could tell the store-owner didn’t like it. So, as sometimes I let politeness get in the way of my outgoing/stubborn personality, I went with a grey and yellow. I really like it (grellow. so hot right now.) but unfortunately the gauge was a little off and the cowl is more of a statement piece rather than a neck warmer. That was okay, but I wanted one that I could actually use to keep me warm.


I had some odds and ends of leftover Tanis Fiber Arts‘ Yellow Label DK Weight from a variety of projects so I decided to use that. I also changed the pattern a bit so it would be tighter around the neck.

The result? It only took me about 5 hours. I was pretty impressed. Not only that, but the pattern is dead easy once you get going and though you have to look at what you’re doing, (a reason I prefer knitting,) you can totally zone out.

To check out the pattern, click here. For this cowl, I didn’t use stitch markers (it’s pretty easy with crochet to see when you’re finished a round) and I only chained 90 stitches to start. I also just changed colours whenever I ran out of the wool I was working on. Really happy with the result. Colourways used: Sand, Midnight, Peacock and Buttercup.

Now here’s the real question: would you be interested in buying a cowl like this? It’s the first time I’ve ever made something that was nice enough, easy enough, and basic enough that I think going into the holiday season, people might be interested in buying a handmade gift.

If I did sell these, I wouldn’t really be making money. It took me about 5 hours to make and if I actually valued what my time was worth, well… Let’s just say that it would be more of a fun thing to do rather than a money maker. If you were interested in buying a cowl like this, what do you think would be a fair price?

Comment and let me know!


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