it’s all in a name: on baking with cider, bourbon, and other delicacies

It’s really all in the name.


Yes, this is how my pie looked. Sadly, I was so exhausted while baking it that I didn’t take any photos whatsoever. The stunning photo above is via Jessica over at one of my favourite food blogs, How Sweet it is, where I got this recipe.

The Cider-Bourbon Apple Pie with Oatmeal Cookie Crumble.

I didn’t even need to see a recipe, let alone photos, to know that I wanted to make this for my annual “friendsgiving” dinner. We are classy ladies, and we usually use the dinner as an excuse to do something fancy (a.k.a. impress each other) so this seemed like the perfect dessert.

Jessica didn’t put the cooking time on the recipe which was a tad surprising to me, but I now understand that it was because the whole charade would take about 2 hours. Which, if you’re starting at 11pm after a night out, isn’t a good idea. In any case, I powered through and to combat the lateness, took sips of the bourbon as I added it to the recipe (“one for the pie, one for me”). 

The recipe for the crust was super easy as I now have a food processor and though I hate cutting butter into small pieces, the dough assembled in mere minutes. Jessica advertises that the crust is good for 3 pies, but I separated it into two and even then had barely enough for the quiche I made last night.

The result?

Underwhelming, actually. See – it turns out that it’s all in a name. I made that amazing pie because, well – booze, cider and cookies in a pie? Amazing! Turns out that booze cooks off, cider is just more apples, and “oatmeal cookie crumble” is really just “apple crisp topping.” So yes, it was good, but I wouldn’t make it again for all the effort it took.


In that same vein, I also made Jessica’s Beer and Bacon Cornbread to have with a friend’s chili on Halloween night. (Photo credit 100% to Jessica. Mine looked like this too… I swear…)

Again, I should have known. This cornbread was good, (though it took WAY longer to bake than I thought), but again, the beer got baked into the bread and wasn’t noticeable and the bacon was sparse. I even obeyed all the rules and put in a ton of butter AND bacon fat! For the extra calories, it wasn’t worth it. I’m usually more a fan of a cornbread with jalapeño so that’s what I’ll make next time.

So in the end, it’s all in a name. Just like anything, I suppose. Book has a good title? I’ll buy it. Band’s name is awesome? I’ll stream a few songs. Sometimes the things that are least likely to seem delicious/interesting are the ones that surprise you. Like this recipe for a quick mid-week quiche that I made last night.


Yes, it looks like a deep-dish pizza (it isn’t) and no, it’s not just sitting on a woven mat (it’s in a glass baking dish). I used the other half of the dough from the pie recipe for this quiche and it was delightful. The quiche itself was light, fluffy and loaded with ham. I replaced the 3 eggs with 2 eggs and 1 egg white, and then used 1 1/2 cups of milk instead of 1 cup of milk and 1/2 cup of cream.

Hope you enjoyed the recipe round-up! Goal for this week? Baking before 11pm.



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