Spring Training

This blog was always meant to be about four different things:

  • cooking
  • crafting
  • reading
  • running

I think it still is all of those things, but I’ve been neglecting posting about running lately. If you’re consistent, sharing your training can be helpful to others. It’s also helpful to you, as a runner, to share and talk about training within a community. On the other hand, the last thing you want to see in your feed some days is a photo of someone grinning about their recent 15K run on a Sunday morning when you’re still hungover in bed.

I’ve been both people. I’ve definitely shared photos from runs, but I’ve been trying to do so only when there’s been an important race that I want to celebrate. So, with that in mind, I want to pledge to share more about my training on this blog, as I had intended to do, and if you’re not interested, I encourage you to filter the posts (on the left) to match your interests!

 Toronto Yonge St. 10K

My mum was kind enough to come on this past Sunday morning and cheer me on at the finish line! I hadn’t raced a 10K before, so I wasn’t sure how things would go. I felt like I could hit below 50 minutes, but registered for the 50-55 minute corral just to be safe. Plus, I had been in Winnipeg and Charlottetown for work for 10 of the 14 days leading up to the race, so my training was difficult to keep up.

I did some running on the treadmill in Winnipeg (way, way too cold and windy for outdoor) and then I did two runs in Charlottetown: an 8K and a 12K. The latter was done on the nicest day of the weekend and though there was a lot of snow, it was about 8 degrees out!



When I got back I did a virtual spin class at Energia Athletics that was awesome! You’re spinning in the semi-dark with a huge HD screen in front of you taking you on real roads all around the world! My favourite was through the streets of Germany. The class was led by, to me delight and surprise, Robyn Baldwin, a friend from Twitter who I had yet to meet! She led a great class. I would highly recommend it.

I also did a 5K with my lovely run crew at Lululemon (#irunbhill) that was a decent pace, but not too challenging. Did you know that most Lululemon stores have a free run group? The one I go to is at Yonge and Briar Hill and it’s fabulous. Fun, supportive people! I highly suggest you pay a visit to your local store. Most offer one free yoga class a week as well!

I did a slow 3K the day before the race which is, I find, the best way to get out there and get moving without working too hard. Always nice to stretch your legs the day before the race.

Despite the fact that I wore a tank top on my 3K, the Sunday morning of the race was chilly. When I left the house at about 7:45am it was about -2 with the windchill. I like being warm before a race, so I couldn’t resist and brought my running jacket. I knew I would get hot, but didn’t want to be cold before the race, and don’t like bringing a sweater or other garment that I toss before starting. No fun having someone else clean up after you.

Pre-race organization was really good! Lots of port-a-potties in different locations and though there were lines, they were manageable. I was in the yellow corral which came after the elites and the red corral.

At around 3K, my IT band started giving me issues. This is nothing new, sadly, but when I start feeling pain, I know it won’t be too long until I have to stop running. This had happened at my 12th KM in Charlottetown, and I stopped immediately. This time, luckily, I somehow powered through and didn’t have to stop.

photo 5_4

My time for the 10K was 46:38 and I was thrilled. I was aiming for below 50 minutes, and so pleased to have achieved it. My pace was about 4:35 and even for a mostly downhill race I was surprised. From someone who didn’t run a year ago, let alone like it at all, I can’t believe that I enjoy racing now!


Next race: Goodlife Half Marathon

More on the blog soon about this race! Happy (soon to be spring) running 🙂



One Comment Add yours

  1. Jessica says:

    You were at the Yonge Street 10 KM and we didn’t meet…I think we need to change that soon, lady!

    Good luck with the marathon this weekend!

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