Contest: Toronto’s Craft Beer Passport

Beer, summer, patio… what could be better?


Paying only $2 for that beer?

Yes. Yes that is better.

ImageEnter, Mike Stulberg. Mike is the guy behind everyone’s new favourite card to fish out of their wallet; the Toronto Craft Beer Passport.

Here’s how it works.

1. Purchase the passport for $20 online or at select bars. (Or WIN your very own right here in this blog post! Read on…)

2. Visit any of the participating bars between June 1st – November 30th.

3. Choose one 12oz. craft beer from a list of three beers offered to you at each bar.

4. Drop em’ a Toonie (the legal minimum price!).

5. Enjoy your beer and get your Passport marked off!

Still confused? Check out this dandy little video.

The Craft Beer Passport’s creator, Mike, is a social entrepreneur and urban explorer pursuing a Master of Design degree at OCADU. So why did this craft beer lover decide to better our summer drinking experience?

Mike: “I have a budding interest in craft beer and wanted a way to learn more about it in a leisurely and approachable fashion! I also noticed that the bars which have picked up on the craft beer movement are usually small and independently owned. These establishments typically have a strong local following. I thought it would be fun if people from across the city had the chance to explore different neighbourhood favourites, while learning more about craft beer along the way!”

Speaking as someone from north of Bloor, I often want to travel farther afield to try some new local breweries (Junction Craft Brewing has been at the top of my list for a while) but it can be hard to find the time. The Craft Beer Passport is perfect for people like me who like a challenge, and especially a chance to explore different parts of my hometown.

Mike: “The craft beer industry in Ontario is really special. There are a large number of people who work tirelessly to produce the beer we love, they are passionate about what they do and are open to anyone who shows interest in what its all about. Everyone from the brewers to the bar owners have been very supportive of the project. I hope that the Craft Beer Passport will help grow and in some sense encourage interactions within this community.”

So which bars are we going to be visiting? Head on over here to have a look. I asked Mike how he went about choosing (or even just approaching) which bars would participate.

Mike: “Their beer selection, their ambience and their location. Some have less selection but a really great vibe. Others have tons of beer and are a little tough to find. And still others were chosen strategically in an attempt to cover the entire city (as much as possible with 20 bars!).”

Victory Cafe's amazing patio
Victory Cafe’s amazing patio

In closing, Mike shared one of the best names of a micro brew that he’s come across: “‘Apocalypse Cow’ is a Three Floyds Brewing IPA which apparently is augmented with milk-sugar is a beer of ‘udder destruction’… I’m a sucker for puns so this cracks me up.”

I’m really looking forward to touring the city with my friend Matt, of Sounds Like Beer, and reporting back with our travels. Mike mentioned that he put a lot of mileage on his bike and I think that sounds like a great idea. (Well, assuming we keep the toonie-beers to a minimum…)

The Craft Beer Passport’s launch party is Sunday, June 1 at the Piston at 8:30pm and it’s FREE. Steam Whistle, Wellington Brewery, Junction Craft Brewing, Hogtown Brewers and Left Field Brewery will all be in attendance and sampling. There will also be door prizes and a chance to buy your pass in person.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

The Contest

Mike has very kindly donated one Craft Beer Passport for one of you to enjoy this summer! Here’s how to enter.

1. Follow me on twitter: @ayoungvoice

2. Follow Craft Beer Passport on twitter: @craftbeerpass

3. Comment on this blog post and tell me which bar you would visit first with your new passport.

Contest opens Friday, May 23 at 3pm and closes at midnight. Winner will be chosen randomly and announced on this post tomorrow, May 24th, so be sure to check back! Note: for obvious reasons, contest is only open to residents of Ontario.

Happy tasting!

And the winner is…. Danielle O’Hanley! Thanks all for entering and go buy your very own Craft Beer Passport! They’re available online or you can buy them in person at the launch on June 1.


12 Comments Add yours

  1. Cheryl says:

    Have convinced my brother that this would be a great activity to meet up & do in the city this summer. Thinking I could take advantage of a day I have a medical appt at Mt. Sinai & start at Thirsty & Miserable or Handlebar.

  2. Adam Scime says:

    I’d visit Saving Gigi!! I love craft beer 🙂

  3. plumish says:

    The Wren. It’s my local and I LOVE IT. That’s right, all caps were used. I love it that much.

  4. Protagitron says:

    Grapefruit Moon! Nothing washes down one of the city’s best hot sauces like a pint of craft beer.

  5. Cat says:

    Tequila Bookworm because I’m a bookworm and they’re supposed to have a great craft selection so seems like a good fit? With a passport I could blog my way through the summer on my beer blog! 🙂

  6. Gonna get well at Get Well. Hard to choose where to start, so many favourite beer bars on this list.

  7. Shanondoah says:

    I’d have to go to the rhino, I’ve heard great things!

  8. Gotta be Snakes and Lagers. Nothing like a $2 craft pint to kick off an afternoon of crushing my board game opponents.

  9. Jess Collins says:

    Tough call on which to hit first – Get Well, because it’s been much too long since I’ve been!

  10. The Wren! Such a great excuse to visit the east side.

  11. Michelle says:

    I would start at Saving Gigi. Scratch that. I *will* start at Saving Gigi. Thanks!

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