Surfset Toronto

Not only did we not have a white Christmas, but it was 9 degrees and rainy on Christmas eve. Now though? Well, now it’s the worst part of winter, folks. Cold, dry (so dry) and dark. I actually wouldn’t even mind the occasional bit of snow!

I’ve come to terms with running outside in the winter after work or on weekends, but going to the gym in the early morning pitch black is just miserable. Hence why I was so thrilled to find Surfset Toronto.

IMG_9708Surfset fitness might not be new to some of you, but it was certainly new to me. I heard about the new studio from my girls at the Briar Hill Lululemon as it’s practically across the street. A cool new fitness studio uptown? Believe me – this never happens. This past weekend, they offered free classes all weekend as part of an open house and I brought my friend Steph  to check it out.


Don’t surf? Hey – me neither! Though I was a bit nervous in advance, this was SUCH a fun work out. It was challenging, interesting and the time flew by.

Surfset is about challenging your body in new ways. Sure you’re doing a squat, but you’re doing it while  balancing on a surf board that’s sitting atop three stability balls. The most you can tip is about 45 degrees either way  and yes, I fell off once but it was slow, comical and with about a foot to fall I was just fine.


Exercises are designed to engage your core and stabilizer muscles and shock the system to offer new benefits to your body. This is especially helpful for those of us whose bodies have become used to our current workouts and need a shake-up. These multi-planar movements engage the body and mind in challenging and unique ways.


The studio offers yoga and three different types of Surfset classes: Build, Blend and Balance. I tried the Balance class, which they recommend for beginners. Even for a beginner class I felt challenged and engaged the whole time. The great thing as well is there are only 12 boards per class available, so it’s an intimate, supportive atmosphere with great teacher support.


It was also really interesting to discover weaknesses I didn’t know I had. For example, I could do Tree pose on my left leg with focus, poise and balance but on my right? I was working my ass off to even just lift my right foot off the board. Also, you think you know ab work? Try doing ab work while your core is already engaged. Holy. It was awesome.


So awesome, in fact, that I’m taking their Surfset challenge and buying a one month unlimited pass for $70. With an individual class at $22 each, the pass is totally worth it. Also, Surfset is one of those smart, smart studios that offers 7am classes. For someone who starts work at 9am, 6am or 6:30am classes are just too early for me to make sense and, most of the time, require at least half an hour of commute time first. I can’t wait to tell you more about these classes once my month is over!


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