Juice Matters

I’ve found the most amazing cold-pressed, Canadian juice company.

I was at Whole Foods a few weeks ago for a quick salad bar lunch with my fiance, when I first tried Juice Matters.

Since I don’t have a juicer, I’m always looking to try new juices when I’m out, so I got chatting with Carla, their sales rep, and tried a few juices. They were fabulous and the packaging was beautiful. My favourite that I tried was unfortunately out of stock at Whole Foods so Carla promised to get in touch. This new company was kind enough to give me three different juices, including my favourite that had been out of stock, to review here on the blog!

Juice Matters cold presses their juices in order to maintain as much of the nutrition pressed from the fruits and veggies as possible. This unpasteurized  juice also focuses on using organic ingredients. Though not 100% organic (yet!), their goal is to work toward developing relationships with organic suppliers so they can provide from farm to the bottle juice. Luckily, they are committed to providing organic content to the ingredients which are on the Environmental Working Group (EWG) “Dirty Dozen” list.

From morning, to post-work out to evening pick me up, the line up of juices on offer from this Canadian company is extensive. Also with names like “Holla 4 Colla” and “WGTF?! Watermelon!” what’s not to love? Here’s a sample of what a typical day of enjoying Juice Matters looks like.

Breakfast Chia 


Breakfast Chia makes the perfect on-the-go breakfast. Packed with antioxidants, fiber and protein from the chia seeds, this smoothie certainly didn’t leave me hungry. The little chia seeds also expand, as they do when soaked in liquid, and reminded me of little mini tapioca bits like you would find in bubble tea. Strawberry banana is a classic combination, and the addition of the cold-pressed orange juice is extremely tasty.

King Kale 


Naturally, kale. We all know the health benefits of kale by now, so having this juice after a workout to refuel was a no-brainer. A whole head (!) of kale gets cold-pressed for this little bottle and with the juiced dandelion greens, bok choy and more provides three shots of dark leafy greens containing significant anti-inflammatory properties, which is ideal for muscle recovery. I loved this smooth juice! The addition of apple adds just the right amount of sweetness to the tangy greens and a little spice with the ginger.

Jalle Berry


Clearly this is the juice that caught my eye in the store. Jalapeño-raspberry. Jalle Berry? It’s hilarious. It’s also super tasty. This juice was reminiscent of some juices that have cayenne, but Jalle Berry is even better with the added flavour of the jalapeño. Raspberries are anti-inflammatory and raspberry ketones have received significant publicity regarding their use as a fat-burning aid. The capsaicin in the peppers increases metabolic rate. What’s not to love? Though this juice would be perfect to prevent a mid-afternoon crash, I clearly used it to make a cocktail. Because, of course.

Jalle Berry Martini
(Served in my bee glasses because I love them)

8oz Jalle Berry
1oz vodka
3 dashes of Angostora bitters
3 raspberries

1 pickled jalapeño
1 raspberry


This was so good. Spicy, slightly sweet and tasted fabulous alongside the charcuterie plate before dinner. I loved this juice and I would buy it again without a doubt. I also noticed that Juice Matters makes Canadian Caeser! As someone with a shellfish allergy, I can’t have Clamato juice so Caesars have been off-limits for me. V8 is fine, but with all the added sodium and other nasty stuff, it doesn’t really seem worth it. I can’t wait to get my hands on a bottle of Canadian Caesar and make my very own “Caeser!”

Go out and give Juice Matters a try. Depending on the retailer, each bottle is around $8, which is extremely reasonable for 473ml of cold-pressed juice. Click here to find a Juice Matters retailer near you!

Also, if you’re the type who is interested in  juice cleanse, they have worked with Jenn Pike, author of The Simplicity Project to create a 2 Day (Refresh), 5 Day (Restore) and 7 Day (Revitalize) cleanse. For more information, contact Jenn here.

Thank you so much to Carla and the Juice Matters team for giving me these delicious juices!


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  1. Ah these look SO good! Your blog as a whole is really awesome — I’ve nominated you for a Liebster Award 🙂

    1. ayoungvoice says:

      What a lovely comment! So kind 🙂

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