Power Yoga Jam

I was never a huge fan of yoga.

I’m not great at “releasing all thoughts” or “feeling presence” and I am wildly inflexible. After taking a few classes over the years at different studios here and there, I have found yoga to be more interesting to me, especially as a runner with tight hips. Since yoga is expensive, it’s been hard for me to commit to one studio, which means that my practice is inconsistent, and often I have teachers that I’m not crazy about.


That all changed when I took my first class at Power Yoga Canada last year. PYC practices Baptise Yoga; a style of power vinyasa yoga. Baptise Yoga, founded in the 1940, encourages yogis to discover creativity, awaken passion, create authenticity, confidence and new possibilities. It’s hot yoga so it’s extremely detoxifying for the body and with no mirrors in the studios, the focus isn’t on anyone else’s practice; just yours. This isn’t your average self-reflection class, either. I didn’t have to worry about trying to “release all thoughts” because I’m so challenged and engaged that I literally can’t think of anything else but the position I’m in and my breathing.


Though I have taken a few different classes there, my favourite by a landslide is the Power Yoga Jam class offered on Monday nights at 8:30pm by my friend Chesley Long. I met Chesley at the Briar Hill Lululemon’s #irunbhill group and since then, he’s become one of their Ambassadors. Part drill-sergeant, part yogi, Chesley leads a class that is a killer workout and has an equally amazing playlist of fist-pumping jams that have you bouncing up and down in your Warrior one.


Have you ever seen Center Stage? It’s one of my favourite movies from my youth and whenever I’m at Power Yoga Jam I’m reminded of that scene where all the ballet dancers go take that cool jazz class. With sometimes 50 people showing up to Power Yoga Jam, you get to know your neighbour pretty quickly and it’s easy to make friends. People are chatty, positive, supportive and the energy in the room is infectious.

If you think yoga isn’t for you, or doesn’t offer enough of a workout I urge you to try this class. It’s an amazing way to detoxify after the weekend and start your week off on the right foot.


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  1. Protagitron says:

    I tend to be on the chill yoga class spectrum of things (memories of a poorly-timed fart in an ashtanga class) but this class looks great. I really wish more yoga studios would offer affordable classes instead of just intro specials. Kula in the Annex does a pretty good job of having a regular variety of community-priced classes though.

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