My 2016 Race Calendar

Throughout this winter/spring training season, I’m blogging for Canadian Running Magazine. If you haven’t seen it already, check out my first post by clicking here.


Essentially, I’m working with a coach for the first time in my life to aim to hit a 1:40 PB at the GoodLife Half in May. It’s been a real challenge running five days week – I’ve never run so much in my life. Though I suppose it shouldn’t surprise me, I’ve also been impressed at the change it’s made in my running. Unfortunately, no matter how hard I work, the workouts keep getting harder; it’s the easy workouts, however, where I notice the difference. Above all, I’ve loved training with a team. I’m part of the Adaptive Running Academy and we’re about 12 people with three dedicated coaches. It’s a group of all different paces and backgrounds and I feel supported, challenged, and I love the social aspect. It’s always better to suffer together… Or go for post-workout beers. Whatever.

My goal race is the GoodLife Half Marathon on May 1, but I’ll be doing other races to prepare me, as well as other races afterwards. Here’s what my race calendar looks like this spring and summer:
March 6: Chilly Half Marathon
April 9: Race Roster Spring Run Off

April 30: 5 Peaks Trail Race (There as an ambassador… No racing the day before my goal race!)
May 1: GoodLife Half Marathon
May 7: XMan Obstacle Course Race
May 27: 5 Peaks Trail Race
June 25: Waterfront 10K (Pacer)
July 10: Toronto Sprint Triathlon
July 23: 5 Peaks Trail Race
August 20: Squamish50 (23K)
August 27: Whistler 5 Peaks Trail Race
September 10: 5 Peaks Trail Race Series Finale

It’s going to be a busy season and I can’t wait. I am especially looking forward to not only my longest race ever, but my first destination race to Squamish, BC, for the Squamish50! I’m only doing the 23K distance but I am so looking forward to it. I have a friend who has just moved out to Squamish this year with her husband and her kids so I’ll be staying with her, then I’ll be hanging with 5 Peaks’ Solana Klassen and fellow Ontario ambassador Mark Sawh for race weekend. I’ll spend the week in Vancouver with my brother, then hit up the 5 Peaks Whistler race the following weekend before heading home. I’ve missed the mountains ever since living in Banff so I can’t wait to run through them again.

I’m also extremely lucky to be able to travel for work. This year, I’m planning on running and adventuring in the following cities: Calgary, Sydney (NS), Halifax, Rotterdam, Winnipeg, Outer Banks (NC), Squamish, Vancouver, Whistler, and more.






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  1. Susan says:

    Sounds awesome! My husband and I love destination runs wherever we vacation! We are trail runners at heart though and love our trails! Happy running!

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