Altra “Eggcellent” Adventure

Exciting news: As an ambassador for Altra running shoes, I’ve got THREE pairs of shoes to giveaway to celebrate Easter weekend!

lemon pie

Join me and attend RunTOBeer: The Great Friday Edition at the Brewer’s Backyard at Evergreen Brickworks and after the run, runners will have the chance to win one of THREE pairs of Altra Intuition/Instinct 3.0’s.

The idea is simple: I’m going to hide three plastic eggs somewhere around Evergreen Brickworks with a gift certificate inside. After the run, you’ll get a “GO” and whoever finds an egg, wins a pair of shoes! If you follow me and RunTOBeer on Twitter, you may even get a clue to help your search…

I’ll also have some sweet CEP Compression sleeves/socks to give away. For more information about the distances offered for the run, visit RunTOBeer on Facebook:

*Disclaimer: It will not, in fact, be this verdant on Friday.

For those of you who haven’t heard of Altra, let me tell you a bit about the very unique and awesome brand of shoes.

Altras are zero drop, and they have a FootShape toe box which has so many benefits!

  • Keeps big toe straight for greater stability and a more powerful toe-off
  • Allows toes to relax and spread out naturally
  • Allows foot to naturally stabilize excess pronation


They’re especially great when you’re barreling down a hill and your toes aren’t constantly hitting the top of the shoe! For upcoming races with lots of downhill like the Sporting Life 10K and Goodlife Marathon/Half Marathon, these shoes will do wonders. As I mentioned, I’ve got three pairs: Instinct 3 for the men, and Intuition 3 for the women.

I definitely recommend trying on a pair to see the difference. As of last week, Altra now has shoes in 20 Running Room stores across Canada. In Toronto specifically, you can try on a pair of the Torin or Impulse at the following stores:

  • 2629 Yonge Street, 416-322-7100
  • TD Centre, 66 Wellington Street W, 416-861-2315
  • 1087 Yonge Street, 416-960-3910

Looking forward to Friday! We may have some lingering snow, but we’ll be running no matter the weather.

me w shoes


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