Fueled by LÄRABAR

For the past two years I’ve been on the team to organize the Tannenbaum 10K, and more recently the new Beaches Jazz Run (5, 10, and 21K) both put on by the Beaches Runners Club in Toronto. One of the swag items we were lucky enough to have donated were bite-sized chocolate peanut butter LÄRABAR bars. After I polished off my 5th (6th?) snack-sized bar, I checked the ingredients and was pleasantly surprised to find out that I was eating something without refined sugar, not to mention packed full of all-natural ingredients. Since then, I’ve been hooked.


As I planned my training cycle this year, I tried to find all-natural, refined-sugar free snacks to support my aim to eat more real food in 2017. This wasn’t to be a “diet” of any kind, simply a way to focus on cooking more, eating crap less, and fueling my body properly for the goals I want to accomplish.

Naturally, LÄRABAR was a perfect fit for me and I’m beyond thrilled to be a Canadian Ambassador for the company this year. I’m all about genuine partnerships and let me tell you – I have raved about these bars to anyone who will listen for a long time and I’m thrilled to make this relationship with LÄRABAR official.

I’m just not someone who eats much sugar. Chips? Pretzels? Cheese? I’m your girl. Chocolate? I could take it or leave it. When deciding to reduce (if not eventually eliminate) the amount of refined-sugar in my diet, I wasn’t too worried about missing sugar. Having said that, every once in a while we all need a treat. The fact that there is no added sugar in most of the LÄRABAR bars is amazing. Even the the bars that do have added sugar (anything with dairy-free chocolate) are made with cane sugar. Win.

LÄRABAR  aren’t protein bars. They contain protein naturally through the nuts in the bars, but each bar isn’t packing 10 grams of protein. Why? As the their website states: “To provide more protein in our bars, we’d have to add ingredients like soy protein isolates. Why mess with a good thing?” Now that’s the kind of logic I can get behind.

Pick your poison, folks. These bars are:

  • Vegan
  • Dairy-free
  • Gluten-free
  • Soy-free
  • Kosher
  • Non-GMO

They aren’t baked or cooked, either, so if you’re raw vegan, go nuts!

I enjoy these bars after a yoga class, as a late afternoon snack, when I’m running late for work… the list goes on. I recently got a case of the new Lemon flavoured LÄRABAR bars sent to me; they are zesty, refreshing, and extremely tasty. To share the love, I gave a bar to a few different people in my life to see what they thought and all gave rave reviews.

– My friend was happy to feed this all-natural bar to her 18-month old who practically tries to rip the bar out of her hands when he sees the bright yellow wrappers now.
– My in-laws took a few bars on their cruise as the food can be extremely heavy and not nutritious. They were so pleased to have something light, natural, and filling to snack on while in transit.
– My running pal needs to refuel after her morning run but isn’t usually hungry for a full breakfast. She loves how light they are, while still being filling thanks to the 5g of protein.

I’m super excited to share the LÄRABAR love this year as an Ambassador as I train for the Mississauga Half, my first sprint triathlon, an obstacle course race, and, of course – the beer mile.


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