Landfall Craft: Beer Mitts


Last winter, I was at a beer fest and inspired by something I saw Jen from Muskoka sporting: a beer mitt! On the very chilly Saturday night session of Cask Days, it was the perfect thing to not only keep your hand warm while holding your beer, but also took away all worry of the glass jar slipping through your mittened hand – it was covered at the bottom! No grip required. I absolutely loved the idea, and knew I wanted to make one of my own.

With a shout out to the house my grandparents built in PEI where we spent our summers growing up, I bring you Landfall Craft and the only one item in the shop (for now): a beer coozie.

logo vector

Landfall is a gorgeous place where wild rose hips grow on the rocky red cliffs you can only find in PEI. This logo is inspired by the place I spent my summers growing up.

It was a hit at our office gift exchange and similarly when I brought one to my in-laws’ secret santa. When I would use it, I would get tons of people asking if I could make them one. After speed-knitting one over the holidays for a friend, I confirmed that in four hours I could put one together. Add an embroidered patch and bam, I’m now taking orders for the holiday season.


At $30 each, these are all custom made, so you can pick your colour and badge. To order, please fill out this google form.



To browse available patches, please click here. Sports teams’ patches are also available by request and can be found here.

Thank you!



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