my very first triathlon
my very first triathlon

About this blog:

Ever since I joined twitter and started exploring the internet, I’ve found so many places where my hobbies, interests and community can be fostered. Places where I can learn. People who can teach me new skills. Challenges I didn’t even know I wanted to take on.

I’ve had a Canadian book blog for a while, and that’s still very important to me. Now, however, I’ve found a new passion for food and nutrition, so I wanted a space where my whole life could live online together. I’ve taken on new knitting challenges, and I’ve learned to run in the last year. I never would have thought a year ago that I would complete my very first triathlon and place first in my age group, let alone run 5K without taking a walking break.

These pages are probably more for me than anyone else, but I do often get asked about what books I would recommend for a week at the cottage, what I put in my all-bran for breakfast every morning, or where the pattern is for that knit sweater I’ve been working on for 2 years. It’s all here, folks!

About me:

You know what I like, but what do I do? I currently work as the Recording and Licensing Manager for the Canadian Music Centre’s recording label, Centrediscs. I travel for work a lot, and so far this year have been to Regina, Ottawa, Halifax, San Francisco, Vienna, and Nashville. I also sing in a choir twice a week, which is a hobby leftover from my bachelor’s degree in voice performance from McGill University. Before I joined the CMC, I worked at The Banff Centre as the Podcast Producer where one of my favourite moments was conducting a 15-piece orchestra during the recording of the string overdubs that I was tasked to write for the latest Weezer album, Hurley.

In my spare time, I work fiendishly getting Canadian authors to shed their clothes for PEN Canada in the Bare It For Books calendar that I co-founded in 2012.

I love any kind of music, even country, and I have the best family in the world.


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